Asperger's Syndrome and Adults .... Is Anyone Listening: Essays and Poem

s by Spouses, Partners and Parents of Adults with Asperger Syndrome


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Karen Rodman,Tony Attwood
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Acknowledgements. Terminology. Preface. 1. Asperger's Syndrome and its Effect upon the Families, FAAAS, Inc., USA, 2002. 2. Cassandra Phenomenon, FAAAS, Inc., 2000. 3. The Family Aspect of Asperger's Syndrome, Linda Demer, UCLA, 2002. 4. Things I have Learnt About Asperger's SyndromeGǪ, Brenda Wall, UK, 2002. 5. Behind a Glass Wall, Marguerite Long, Australia, 1997. 6. Is Anyone Listening?, Karen E. Rodman, USA, 1997. 7. Be Careful What You Wish For, Anonymous, New Jersey, 2002. 8. Asperger's Dungeon, Dawn O'Neil, USA, 2002. 9. Living with an AS Son, E.G., USA, 2002. 10. A Commentary, Anonymous, USA, 2000. 11. A Failed Marriage, Anonymous. 12. Asperger's Syndrome, Obsessions, etc., Anonymous, USA, 2000. 13. Naked Hands, Kathy Read, USA, 2002. 14. Personal Reflections on a Relationship with an Adult who has the Symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome, Anonymous, USA, 2000. 15. When We Married, Anonymous, 2001. 16. When Cassandra was Very, Very Young, Judy Singer, Australia, 2002. 17. Roses and Cacti, Marguerite Long, Australia, 2000. 18. Loneliness IsGǪ, Karen E. Rodman, USA, 1995. 19. BobbyGǪ, Bobby's Mom, Vicki, USA, 2000. 20. Life With My AS Mother, Paula, Canada, 2002. 21. Disconnecting from the Treadmill, Regina, New York, 2001. 22. When Love is Not Enough, Brenda Wall, UK, 1997. 23. My Corner, Yvette Gerhardt, USA, 2003. 24. My Older AS SonGǪ, Anonymous, New Zealand, 2002. 25. Tempest and Sunshine, Cynthia Marchant, USA, 1990. 26. AS Awareness: A Path Out of the Darkness, Debbie, USA, 2000. 27. Passive Aggression, Marguerite Long, Australia, 2002. 28. Six Generations of AS, A seventy-plus -year-young anonymous male, USA. 29. Trying to Describe our Situation, ""Sharon"", USA, 2000. 30. O Negative, Anonymous, USA, 2002. 31. Knowing is Understanding, Understanding is Accepting: A Note of Encouragement, Annemarieke, USA, 2002. 32. The End into a Beginning, Anonymous, USA, 2002. 33. Untitled, Maxine Aston, UK, 2002. 34. Come With Me, Dawn O'Neil, USA, 2002.

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