Authentic Movement - Moving the Self, Being Moved: A Collection of Essay


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Patrizia Pallaro
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Contents: Introduction. Patrizia Pallaro, dance/movement therapist, marriage and family therapist in California and psychologist and psychotherapist in Italy. Part One. The Foundation. 1. From Autism to the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Janet Adler, dance/movement therapist and founding director of the Mary Starks Whitehouse Institute, MA. 2. Inner-Directed Movement in Analysis: Early Beginnings. Joan Chodorow, dance/movement therapist and Jungian analyst. 3. Reflections on Mary Starks Whitehouse. Susan Frieder, dance/movement therapist and clinical psychologist. 4. A Dancing Spirit: Remembering Mary Starks Whitehouse. Edith Sullwold, Jungian therapist, with Mary Ramsay, co-founder of Contemplative Dance. 5. Authentic Movement. Daphne Lowell, Professor of Dance and Movement Studies, Hampshire College, MA. 6. The Road In: Elements of the Study and Practice of Authentic Movement. Tina Stromsted, dance/movement therapist and psychotherapist and Neala Haze, Expressive Arts Therapist and founding director of the Authentic Movement Institute, CA. 7. Witnessing and the Chest of Drawers. Alton Wasson, co-founder of Contemplative Dance and consultant on issues of diversity and holistic education. Part Two. Psychotherapy. 8. Authentic Movement as Active Imagination. Penny Parker Lewis, dance/movement therapist, drama therapist, mental health counsellor and holistic health consultant and practitioner, MA. 9. Moving Towards Complexity: The Myth of Echo and Narcissus. Antonella Adorisio, psychologist and psychotherapist, Italy. 10. On Synchrony: Julie Joslyn Brown, psychoanalyst and art therapist and co-founder of the Training and Research Institute for Self Psychology, NY, and Zoe Avstreih, dance/movement therapist, counsellor and psychoanalyst, and director of the Dance/Movement Therapy Program at Naropa University, CO. 11. Journeying between Will and Surrender. Marcia Plevin, dance/ movement therapist, counsellor, psychologist, dancer and choreographer. 12. Authentic Movement in Clinical Work. Shira Musicant, dance/ movement therapist and marriage and family psychotherapist. 13. Authentic Movement: Clinical and Theoretical Considerations. Shira Musicant. 14. Against the Wall, Her Beating Heart: Working with the Somatic Aspects of Transference, Countertransference and Dissociation. Barbara Holifield, marriage and family psychotherapist, CA. 15. Merging and Differentiating. Wendy Wyman-McGinty, dance/movement therapist, clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst, LA. 16. Somatic Countertransference: The Therapist in Relationship. Patrizia Pallaro. 17. Authentic Movement: A Safe Place for Group Therapy. Anne Hebert Smith, dance/movement therapist, counsellor and teacher of Authentic Movement, CT. 18. The Dancing Body in Psychotherapy: Reflections on Somatic Psychology and Authentic Movement. Tina Stromsted. 19. The Body in Analysis: Authentic Movement and Witnessing in Analytic Practice. Wendy Wyman-McGinty. Part Three. Spirituality. 20. The Discipline of Authentic Movement as Mystical Practice: Evolving Moments in Janet Adler's Life and Work. Tina Stromsted. 21. From Seeing to Knowing. Janet Adler. 22. Achieving Body Permanence. Zoe Avstreih. 23. Calling Spirit Home: How Body Becomes Vessel for Spiritual Animation. Jeanne Castle, dance/movement therapist and psychotherapist. 24. Authentic Movement: A Theoretical Framework Based in Tibetan Buddhist Thought. Carol Fields, student of Organizational Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, CA. Part Four. New Horizons. 25. Authentic Movement as a Form of Dance Ritual. Daphne Lowell. 26. Being Seen, Being Moved: Authentic Movement and Performance. Andrea J. Olsen, Professor of Dance and faculty member in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, VT. 27. Learning to Love: How Art Therapy and Authentic Movement Transform Being. Suzanne Lovell, coordinator of Psychology/Art Therapy Program at Sonoma State University, CA, and director of the Art Therapy Program at the Centre for the Creative

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