Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release


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Amy Rizza,Noah Karrasch,C. Norman Shealy,Julie Zaslow
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Dedication. Acknowledgments. Foreword by C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD. 1. To the Therapist. Touching the Core. 2. Meet Your Body. A Review. Thirteen Major Hinges. Creating Length Between Those Hinges. Meet Your Body. 3. The Crucial Spot. The Fort of Self: Defeat, or Worth? No Breath, No Spirit. Eastern Wisdom. The Biggest Stuck Spot. Achievement Mode. Not Good Enough. 4. Now, Do Something! The Big One: Lose, or Use? Stretch the CORE. Simple, Good Rules. Stretching Emotionally. 5. Test the Toes. An Amazing Joint: Can't, or Will? Your Own Two Feet. Am I Pleasing Them? Stay on Your Toes. I Can Do Anything. 6. The Back Up Plan. Who Rules: Survive, or Thrive? Why Am I In Pain? Exploring Our Pain. Unresolved Thought Forms. Atlas Wedge. Making Headway. 7. Trust Your Gut. The Churn: Judge, or Discern? Hurting the Ones We Love. Judgementvs Discernment. Encouraging Discharge. PSOAS: Primary Stoner Of All Stress. Stepping Out of Fear. 8. Shame is Optional. Forbidden Zone: Ashamed,or Aflame? The Only Dis-Ease. What Did Love Look Like? The One We've Got. Get Real. 9. Relax The Loins. Steady On: Locked, or Loose? It's theKidneys! Stand Your Ground Safely. How We Congest and How We Cope. A Friendly Universe? A Three Layer System of CORE Work. 10. Lead WithYour Heart. The Core Bloom: Barren, or Full? Vitamin 'G'. The Center Of Right Energy. Congestion vs Circulation. The Heart Hinge. 11. Find YourVoice. Your Expression: Strained, or Soaring? Escape. How Big is Your Universe? What Will You Express? Find the CORE. 12. Reach Out To Serve. Well-Oiled Machine: Off, or On? Letit Go! Replacing Resentments. Burdens You Shoulder: A Pain in the Neck? Less Multi-Tasking. The X Factor. Stretching at the CORE. 13. So NowRelax: Who Rules: Survive, or Thrive? Let the Crown Rule. Another Twist of the Mind. Pay Attention! Beauty, Order, Harmony. Embrace the Shadows.Integration. 14. What We're Hungry For...Moving Forward. A World Challenge. Duty Takes a Rap. Practicing Independence with Interdependence.Appendix A: Emotional Anatomy. Appendix B: Suggested Readings. Appendix C: Glossary of Movement Terms. Index.

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