Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections: The Cornerstone Classics of Chinese

Medicine Tongue Diagnosis - The Ao Shi Shang Han Jin Jing Lu, and the Shang Han She Jian


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Ioannis Solos,Liang Rong,Chen Jia-Xu
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Acknowledgements. Foreword by Professor Liang Rong. Foreword by Professor Chen Jia-xu. 1. Tongue Diagnosis and the Literature. The Sars Epidemic of 2002-2003. Tongue Diagnosis and how to Approach this Book. 2. Jin Jing Lu (Gold Mirror Records) and Shang Han She Jian (Tongue Reflections in Cold Damage). 3. The History of Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. From Tongue Observation to Tongue Diagnosis. 1. Zhou Dynasty – Spring and Autumn. 2. Bian Que and Hua Tuo. The Tongue in the Yellow Emperor's Classic. 1. Basic Anatomy of the Tongue. 2. The Tongue Basics. 3. The Tongue in Relation to Internal Organ and Channel Networks. 4. Diagnosis and Pathology. 5. Tongue Shape and Mobility. 6. Colour and Moisture. 7. Taste Recognition. Tongue Diagnosis in Shang Han Lun and Jin Kui Yao Lue. 1. Appreciation of Zhang Zhong Jing's Tongue Diagnosis. 2. Basic Principles. 3. Enquiring on the Cause of Disease. 4. Elaborating on the Course of Disease. 5. Deciding on Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment Approach. 6. Determining the Prognosis. Shang Han Ming Li Lun (The Clear Rationale of Cold Damage). 4. Introducing Jin Jing Lu (The Gold Mirror Records) and Shang Han She Jian (Tongue Reflections in Cold Damage). Scholar Ao's: The Gold Mirror Records in Cold Damage. Tongue Reflections in Cold Damage. 5. Jin Jing Lu (The Gold Mirror Records). 6. Shang Han She Jian (The Tongue Reflections in Cold Damage). Bibliography. Appendices. The Weight Standards during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Formulae in The Tongue Reflection in Cold Damage. Index.

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