How the Art of Medicine Makes the Science More Effective: Becoming the M

edicine We Practice


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Claudia Welch
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Preface and Notes. 1. The Art of Medicine and the Qualities of a Physician. Part I. Excellence in Theoretical Knowledge. 2. Authority. 3. Perception: Developing Empathy. 4. Inference: The Role of Prediction in Medicine. 5. The Side Effects of the Pursuit of Knowledge. Part II. Extensive Practical Experience. 6. Don't Panic. Wait. 7. Nothing is Ever As It Seems. 8. Doctor as Educator. 9. Treat Complicated with Simple. 10. Subtraction First, Then Addition. 11. Patients Should Get Better. 12. When Nothing is Wrong, Pay Close Attention. 13. Healing Through Environment, Co-Workers and Protocols. 14. Working with or After Other Practitioners. 15. Turning Away Patients. 16. Tell the Truth. 17. The Role of Story in Diagnosis, Treatment and Compliance. 18. Confidence vs. Cockiness. Introduction to Chapters 19 through 23. 19. Sexual Abuse. 20. Addictions. 21. Mental Illness. 22. Eating Disorders. 23. Domestic Violence. 24. Determining the Severity of a Crisis. 25. Telephone Availability and Crisis. 26. Great Loss and Suffering. 27. Cake or Death? Choosing Hope. 28. Reflections on Part II. Part III. Dexterity. 29. Reaching Beyond Our Own Field. 30. When the Front Door Is Locked, Used the Back Door, or Even a Window. 31. When Patients Consistently Experience Odd Reactions to Remedies. 32. Loopholes - Thinking Outside the Box. 33. Reflections on Part III. Part IV. Purity. 34. Spiritual Powers vs. Effect of Character. 35. Doctor as Medicine. 36. Supporting Change Through Love and Focus. 37. Good Company. 38. Physical Purification. 39. Reflections on Part IV. Part V. Medicine. 40. Abundance. 41. Suitability. 42. Multiple Form. 43. Potency. 44. Reflections on Part V. Part VI. Compassion. Endnotes.

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