Yoga Teaching Handbook: A Practical Guide for Yoga Teachers and Trainees


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Author: Sian O'Neill,Lizzie Lasater,Andrew McGonigle,Liz Lark,Graham Burns,Tanja Mickwitz,Antonia Boyle,Melanie Cooper,Mimi Kuo-Deemer,Tarik Dervish
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1. Introduction, Sian O'Neill, Yoga Teacher, UK. 2. Yoga and the Breath. Dr Andrew McGonigle, Doctor Yogi, UK. 3. The Art of Composing: 'Putting Together' a Sequence. Liz Lark, Liz Lark Yoga Art, UK. 4. Incorporating Philosophy into Yoga Teaching. Graham Burns, The Life Centre, UK. 5. Once Upon a Time: Yoga and Mythology. Tanja Mickwitz, The Life Centre, UK. 6. Yoga and Language. Antonia Boyle, Alpha Waves, UK. 7. Supporting Students with Injuries. Dr Andrew McGonigle. 8. Yoga Adjustments. Melanie Cooper, UK. 9. Yoga Therapy: Training, Assessment and Practice. Lisa Kaley-Isley, Life Tree Yoga and Yogacampus, UK. 10. Yoga and Qigong. Mimi Kuo-Deemer, UK. 11. Yoga with an Ayurvedic Appropach. Tarik Dervish, Ayurvedic Practitioner, British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor (DCT) and Internal Quality Controller (IQA), Yogawell, UK. 12. Building a Yoga Business. Katy Appleton, appleyoga, UK and Natasha Moutran, appleyoga, UK. 13. Running a Retreat. Kate Walker, Kate Walker Yoga, UK. 14. Setting Up a Yoga Studio. Paul Wong, Mudra Yoga London, UK. 15. Case Studies: Lessons Learned from New and Established Teachers. Sian O'Neill. About the Authors.

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