Seeking the Spirit of The Book of Change: 8 Days to Mastering a Shamanic

Yijing (I Ching) Prediction System


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Zhongxian Wu
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Acknowledgements. Foreword by Daniel Reid. Introduction: Yijing Prediction and Wu (Shamanism). I. About the Title of Yijing. II. Wu: Chinese Shamanism. III. Wu and Chinese Culture. IV. The Secret of Yijing. V. The Spirit of Yijing. 1. Dao: The Way of Yi and Tea. 1.1 The Celestial Tea House. 1.2 Tea Ceremony. 1.3 The Secret of the Universe. 1.4 Tea and the Dao. 1.5. Gua (Trigram or Hexagram). 1.6 Taiji Qigong Qian (Heaven). 2. Yi: The Changes and Myths. 2.1 A Story of Creation and Gua (Trigram). 2.2 Tea and Yi (Divination). 2.3 Fuxi: The First Chinese Shaman King. 2.4 Bagua: The Eight Trigrams Arrangements. 2.5 Taiji Qigong Dui. (Lake) 3. Shu: Numerology. 3.1 Shu Dao: The Way of the Numbers. 3.2 He tu and Luoshu: The Patterns of the Universe. 3.3 Tiandi Shengcheng Shu: Heaven and Earth Creating and Completing Numbers. 3.4 The Relationships Among Numerology, Yin-Yang and Five Elements. 3.5 Xiantian Bagua Shu: Prenatal Eight Trigrams Numbers.3.6 Taiji Qigong Li (Fire). 4. Xiang: Symbolism. 4.1 Xiang Symbolism. 4.2 Guaxiang: The Symbolic Meaning of the Bagua. 4.3. Taiji Qijong Zhen (Thunder). 5. Zhan: The Divination. 5.1 Qi Gua: Make a Trigram with a Number. 5.2 Jie Gua: Decode the Trigram. 5.3 Eight Trigrams and Five Elements. 5.4 Taiji Qigong Xun (Wind). 6. Li: Case Analyses. 6.1 Pork Stew. 6.2 Burning Incense and Heart. 6.3. The Magical Mirror. 6.4 Move, Travel, and Hire. 6.5 The Home of Your Soul. 6.6 Yaiji Qigong Kan (Water). 7. Chuan: The Hidden Immortal Lineage. 7.1 A Brief Introduction to the Chinese Immortal Cultivation Lineage. 7.2 The Chanting Ceremony. 7.3 Mayi Daozhe: The Declarer of the Original Yijing. 7.4 Xiyi Xiansheng: The First Promoter of Taiji. 7.5 Yang Yongi: A Modern Hermit. 7.6 Taiji Qigong Gen (Mountain) 8. Yao: The Essence of Prediction. 8.1. Xing: Model. 8.2. Wuxing: Predicting without a Model. 8.3 Xinfa: Heart Method. 8.4 Gantong: Inherent Prediction. 8.5 Taiji Qigong Kun (Earth). Afterword: Life is the Treasure. Appendix: A Miracle Story of Inner Cultivation. Glossary. Index.

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