BASIC PH Model of Coping and Resiliency: Theory, Research and Cross-Cult


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By: Dmitry Leykin,Ljiljana Krkeljic,Ruvie Rogel,Mooli Lahad,Yossi Lev,Shulamit Niv,Judith Spanglet,Naomi Hadari,Ofra Ayalon,Gina Lugovic
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Introduction: The Integrative Model of Resiliency – The ""BASIC PH"" Model or What Do We Know About Survival. Mooli Lahad and Dima Leykin. 1. Measuring ""BASIC PH"". Dmitry Leykin. 2. Six Parts Story Making Revisit: The Seven Levels of Assessment Drawn from the 6 PSM. Mooli Lahad. 3. CARING: Children at Risk Intervention Groups ""BASIC PH"" Guide for Coping and Healing. Ofra Ayalon. 4. From ""BASIC PH"" to Trauma and PTSD: The Positive Relation. Moshe Farchi. 5. The Application of the ""BASIC PH"" Model in Family Therapy. Shulamit Niv. 6. Parenthood in Six Channels: Teaching Parents who Live Under Threat of Terrorism Resiliency Skills for their Children. Mooli Lahad and Nira Kaplansky. 7. The Contribution of Lahad's ""BASIC PH"" Model and Landy's Role Method Model to Strategies of Coping with Stress among First Year Nursing Students. Naomi Hadary. 8. How Jewish and Arab Parents Perceived their Children's Resiliency During the Second Lebanon War. Miri Shacham, Mooli Lahad and Yehuda Shacham. 9. From Trama to Resilience: Combining Two Body-Oriented Psychotherapeutic Approaches: STREAM and EFS. Judith Spanglet, Meirav Tal-Margalit and Miri Shacham. 10. Coping Modes of Zefat Residents During the Second Lebanon War. Lev Yossi and Eshet Yovav. 11. ""Helping the Helpers"" Cross-Cultural Program: Using the ""BASIC PH"" Model. Yehuda Shacham. 12. Skradin Children: Longitudinal Study of Post Traumatic Reactions. Gina Lugovic. 13. School Project in Montenegro. Ljiljana Krkeljic and Nevenka Pavlicic. 14. Implementing the ""BASIC PH"" Model in Post-Katrina Mississippi Gulf Coast. Ruvie Rogel. 15. The ""BASIC PH"" Model: A Tool for Building Business Resiliency for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Dorit Elmaliach. Conclusion: ""BASIC PH"" in the 21st Century. Mooli Lahad, Miri Shacham and Ofra Ayalon.

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