Assessing Disorganized Attachment Behaviour in Children: An Evidence-Bas

ed Model for Understanding and Supporting Families


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David Wilkins,Mel Hamilton-Perry,Alice Cook,Claire Denham,Michelle Thompson,Henry Smith,Fran Feeley,Yvalia Febrer,David Shemmings,Tania Young
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Introduction. David and Yvonne Shemmings. 1. The Maltreatment Pathway Model and its components. David Shemmings, Professor of ChildProtection Research, University of Kent and co-Director of the university's new Centre for Child Protection. 2. The Notion of 'Interventive Skills'. DavidShemmings. 3. Using Interventive Skills in Practice. Yvalia Febrer, Project Director, Frontline, London. THE EXPLANATORY MECHANISMS OFABUSIVE OR NEGLECTFUL CAREGIVING. 4. Identifying Unresolved Loss and Trauma using the Adult Attachment Interview. David Shemmingsand Tania Young, Children's Social Care, Lewisham. 5. Exploring 'Mechanisms of Maltreatment' in a Family. Alice Cook, Family AssessmentPractitioner, St Michael's Fellowship, London. 6. Identifying Low Mentalising Capacity using the Adult Attachment Interview. David Wilkins, PrincipalChild and Family Social Worker, Enfield, London. 7. Using a Guided Parenting Task. Lissil Averil, Social Worker, Great Ormond Street Hospital,London. 8. Working with Disconnected or Insensitive Carers by increasing Mentalising Capacity. Yvonne Shemmings, Continuous ProfessionalDevelopment Specialist, and Alice Cook. UNDERSTANDING CHILDREN'S DISORGANISED ATTACHMENT. 9. Using a modified Strange SituationProcedure. Yvonne Shemmings, and Michelle Thompson, Senior Manager, Young Mums and Dads Project, St Michael's Fellowship, London. 10. UsingModified Story Stems. David Wilkins, Principal Child and Family Social Worker, Enfield, London. 11. Using Modified Story Stems in a case of ChildSexual Abuse, Francisca Serrette, Social Worker, Camden, London. 12. Exploring Children's Inner Worlds. Fran Feeley, Social Worker, St. Michael'sFellowship, London, and Claire Denham, Social Worker, Lewisham, London. 13. Using the Child Attachment Interview. David Phillips, manager of theMoorfield Family Assessment Centre, Enfield, London. 14. Working with Children with Disorganised Attachment. Claire Denham, and Jo George, SocialWorker, Lewisham, London. RELATED TOPICS. 15. Attachment to People and Place with Traveler Families. Mel Hamilton-Perry, Social Worker,Norfolk, specializing in work with Gypsy and Traveler Families. 16. Introducing the ADAM Project across the whole Children and Families Departmentin Enfield, London. David Wilkins. 17. Introducing the ADAM Project in Lewisham, London. Tania Young. 18. Fake It till you Make It. Sonja Falck,Psychotherapist and Executive Coach, Harley Street, London, and David Shemmings. Conclusion. David and Yvonne Shemmings.

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