Perspectives in Caribbean Psychology


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Frederick W. Hickling
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Foreword. Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie. Introduction. Frederick W. Hickling. 1. Caribbean Identity Issues. Kai Morgan and Keisha-Gaye N.O'Garo. 2. Psychopathology of the Jamaican People. Frederick W. Hickling. 3. Resilience: Secrets of Success in African-Caribbean People. Hilary Robertson-Hickling. 4. Family Life in the Caribbean: Assessment and Counselling Models. Marina Ramkissoon, Sharon-Ann Gopaul-McNicol, Barry Davidson, Brigitte K. Matthies and Orlean Brown Earle. 5. The Stigma of Mental Illness in Jamaica. Carlotta Arthur, Frederick W. Hickling, Roger C. Gibson, Hilary Robertson-Hickling, Wendel D. Abel, Tamika Haynes-Robinson and Rob Whitley. 6. Culture and Behaviour: Recognition of Cultural Behaviours in Trinidad and Tobago. Hari D. Maharajh and Akleema Kalpoo. 7. Development Psychology in Caribbean Infants and Pre-Schoolers. Maureen Samms-Vaughan. 8. Developmental Psychology in Caribbean School-aged Children, Ages 3-17. Stacey N. Brodie-Walker. 9. Measuring and Predicting Severe Psychopathology in Caribbean Adults. Michael C. Lambert, Clement T.M. Lambert, Frederick W. Hickling and Kena Douglas. 10. Redefining Personality Disorder in Jamaica. Frederick W. Hickling, Jacqueline Martin, and Allison Harrisingh-Dewar. 11. Psychology and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean: An Introduction and Overview. Peter D. Weller and Katija Khan. 12. Neuropsychological Assessment in the Caribbean. Tony Ward. 13. The Evolution of Sexual Behaviour in the Caribbean: A Psychological Perspective. Tamika Haynes-Robinson. 14. Issues of Violence in the Caribbean. Brigitte K. Matthies, Julie-Meeks Gardner, Avril Daley and Claudette Crawford-Brown. 15. Traditional Mental Health Practices in Jamaica: On the Phenomenology of Red Eye, Bad-mind and Obeah. Frederick W. Hickling and Caryl James. 16. The Roles and Responsibilities of Clinical Psychologists in the Caribbean. Frederick W. Hickling, Ruth Doorbar, Jacqueline Benn, Elaine Gordon, Kai Morgan and Brigitte K. Matthies. 17. Reflections of a Psychologist in Jamaica. Ruth Doorbar. 18. The Application of Traditional Psychotherapy Models in the Caribbean. Rosemarie Johnson, Peter Weller, Sharon Williams Brown and Audrey Pottinger. 19. Sport Psychology in the Caribbean. Kai Moran and Leapetswe Malete. 20. Race, Language and Self-Concept in Caribbean Childhoods. Karen Carpenter and Hubert Devonish. 21. Psychological Assessment. Rosemarie Johnson and Tracey Coley. 22. Forensic Psychology in the Caribbean Context. Lester O. Shields and Franklin Ottey. 23. Media Psychology in the Caribbean. Frederick W. Hickling, Eulalee Thomson, Sophia Chandler and Brigitte K. Matthies. 24. The Application of Therapeutic Community Principles in Jamaica. Frederick W. Hickling, Mylie McCallum, Doreth Garvey and Tracey Coley. Index. Contributors.

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