Puppetry in Dementia Care: Connecting through Creativity and Joy


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Author: Karrie Marshall
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Introduction: The Man with a Kitten in his Pocket. 1. Old Joe Knows a Few Things: The World of Puppetry. 2. Kissing Scarves: Being Person-centred. 3. He Closes His Eyes When I am Near: Changes in Relationship. 4. The Amazing Grace of Dancing Birds: Communicating Beyond Words. 5. Rocky, My Friend: Connecting in Times of Distress or Conflict. 6. The Man Who Sandpapered the Air, with Pride: A Life Worth Living. 7. My Life is Like a Dolphin: Narrative Work, Puppets and Celebrations. 8. The Etiquette of Dreadful Singing: Singing Puppets. 9. The Dying Lady with a Diva on Her Bed: The World of Bed Theatre. 10. Get me that Red Lipstick, I'm Going to the Ball: Self-esteem through Puppetry. 11. 'Flobadob': Stimulating Memories. 12. The Exotic Bird Comes Home: Animal Puppets. 13. A Sentence a Day: Incorporating Creativity into Daily Practice. 14. It's Show Time! Puppetry as Entertainment. 15. I Did it My Way: Puppeteers who Live with Dementia. Appendix I: How to Make Model Theatre Puppets. Appendix II: How to Make Singing Sock Puppets. Appendix III: How to Make an Adult Glove Puppet. Appendix IV: How to Make a Jointed Rod or Table-top Puppet. Appendix V: How to Make a Bird Marionette. References. Index.

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