Talk to Me: Conversation Strategies for Parents of Children on the Autis

m Spectrum or with Speech and Language Impairments


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Heather Jones
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Preface. Part I: Conversational Therapy (10-15 years). 1: At the Speech Therapists. 2: How to Get Your Child Talking. 3: Demanding aConversation from your Child. 4: It's Never too Late to Start Conversational Therapy. 5: When and How You Should Tell your Child He's Autistic. 6:Finding a Reward System that Works. 7: The Importance of Keeping a Diary. 8: Teaching Your Child How to Ask Questions. 9: Turn-Taking inConversation. 10: Teaching Your Child to be an Active Listener. 11: Teaching the Importance of Staying on Topic. 12: What is Phatic Communicationand Why Is It Important?. 13: The Importance of Eye Contact and How to Get It from Your Child. 14: The Importance of Names. 15: How to Get Othersto Talk to your Child. 16: Talking about Body Language with your Child. 17: The Importance of Story-Telling. 18: Emotions. 19: Mind-Maps to ImproveConversation. 20: Shopping and Language. 21: Idioms and Incorrect English. Part II: Behavioural Matters (10-13 years). 22: Giving Praise. 23: Warnings,Reprimands and Encouragers. 24: Encouraging. 25: De-stressing Breakfasts. 26: Anger Management. Part III: Education (10-16 years). 27: Choosing aSchool. 28: Dealing with Crises at School. 29: Reading and Writing. 30: Money. 31: Games for the Car. 32: The Value of Projects. Part IV: Social Skills(13-15 years). 33: Friends. 34: Dealing with Authority Figures. 35: Becoming Responsible. 36: Organising Daily Life. 38: The Importance of Games. PartV: Life Skills (15-17 years). 40: Getting Your Child into a Routine. 41: Preparing Your Child to Organise his Life. 42: The Value of Chores?. 43:Preparing Your Child for Shopping. 44: Preparing Your Child for Cooking. 45: Making a Recipe Book. 46: Becoming Resilient. 47: How to UseMind-Maps to Improve Life Skills. Part VI: Into the Workplace. 48: Job Interviews. 49: Preparing Your Child for Driving. 50: Preparing for the First Dayat Work. Afterword: Where are we now? Appendix 1: Charting your Child's Progress.

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