Essential Manual for Asperger Syndrome (ASD) in the Classroom: What Ever

y Teacher Needs to Know


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Kathy Hoopmann,Rebecca Houkamau
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Kathy Hoopmann has written over twenty books with translations into nineteen languages. Her work sells widely in Australia, the UK, the US and the Middle East. She has won, and been shortlisted for many literary awards, including the Childrens Book Council of Australia Award, the ALCS Educational Award (UK), the Living Now Award (US) and has four times been awarded a Nautilus Award (US) which is granted to books that change the world. Kathy is best known for her writing on autism spectrum disorders and mental illness, in fiction and non-fiction. The simplicity, charm and insight of Kathys books have made them must-haves for children and adults worldwide.

Issue Sorter. 1. Preparing for your student with Asperger Syndrome. I. How to use this book. II. What is Aspergers Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?. III. Who is your student with Aspergers Syndrome?. IV. Are you the right teacher?. V. Think Positive. VI. Preparing yourself and the classroom. VII. Before the start of the school year. VIII. Hints for parents to prepare the child for the new school year.IX. Parents have needs too. X. Manners. XI. Hygiene. XII. Educating the rest of the class. 2. Executive FunctioningOrganising your student to be organised. 3. Adapting to Change. 4. Understanding the Perspectives of OthersTheory of Mind. 5. Body Language Blindness. 6. Literal Thinkers and Speakers. 7. Forming Friendships and Following Social Rules. 8. Apparent Lack of Emotions. 9. Meltdowns. 10. Special Interests. 11. Bullying. 12. Field Trips, Excursions and Camps. 13. Homework. 14. Classroom DisciplineTo punish or not to punish. 15. Sensory IssuesAn overview. I. Hearing. II. Sight. III. Smell. IV. Taste. V. Touch. VI. BalanceVestibular system. VI. Body AwarenessProprioception. VII. Pain. VIII. Synaesthesia. Appendix A.

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