How Does Foster Care Work?: International Evidence on Outcomes


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Nancy Sampson,Robert Flynn,Robbie Gilligan,Elaine Farmer,Eva Franzen,James K Whittaker,Lee Ann Murdock,CATHERINE ROLLER ROLLER WHITE,Monica Lopez,Fred Wulczyn
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Introduction - Informing Foster Care: The Context and Potential of International Evidence. Elizabeth Fernandez, University of New South Wales, Australia and Richard P. Barth, University of Maryland, USA.; 1. International Perspectives on Foster Care. June Thoburn, University of East Anglia, UK. Placement Movements and Destinations.; 2. Pathways into Care: US National Survey of Child and Adolescent Wellbeing. Richard P. Barth.; 3. Placement Stability in Foster Care. Fred Wulczyn, University of Chicago, USA.; 4. Foster Care in The Netherlands: Correlates of Placement Breakdown and Successful Placement. Johan Piet Strijker, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.; 5. Profile and Scope of Foster Care in Spain. Jorge Fernandez de Valle, University of Oviedo, Spain.; 6. Reunification in Australian Out-of-Home Care. Elizabeth Fernandez and Paul Delfabbro, University of Adelaide, Australia. The Foster Care Experience: A Life Course Perspective.; 7. Very Young Children in Care in England: Issues for Foster Care. Harriet Ward, Loughborough University, UK.; 8. Fostering Adolescents in England: What Contributes to Success. Elaine Farmer, University of Bristol, UK.; 9. Transitions to Adulthood Among Youth Aging Out of Care: Northwest Alumni Study, US. Peter Pecora, University of Washington, US. Psychological Outcomes and Correlates of Outcomes.; 10. The Roles and Effects of Foster Care in England: What Makes a Difference. Ian Sinclair, University of York, UK.; 11. Long-term Outcomes: Foster Care in Sweden. Bo Vinnerljung, University of Stockholm, Sweden.; 12. Outcomes for Children in Different Types of Foster Care in Denmark. Anne-Dorthe Hestback, SFI, The Danish National Centre for Social Research, Denmark.; 13. Educational Outcomes and Social Support: Experience of Children in Foster Care in Ireland. Robbie Gilligan and Fiona Daly, both of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.; 14. The Academic Achievement of Young People in Care in Canada: Current Status, Implications for Mental; Health and Strategies for Improvement. Robert Flynn, Robyn Marquis and Marie Pierre Paquet, all of the University of Ottawa, Canada.; 15. Psychosocial Wellbeing in Foster Care: An Australian Longitudinal Study of Outcomes. Elizabeth Fernandez. Conclusion - A Synthesis of Research Findings and Direction for Policy, Practice and Research in Foster Care. Elizabeth Fernandez and Richard P. Barth. Index.

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