Healing World Trauma with the Therapeutic Spiral Model


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Kate Hudgins,Francesca Toscani,Adam Blatner
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Foreword by Adam Blatner. Introduction. Section I: Therapeutic Spiral Model: Beginnings and Evolution. 1. A Life in Psychodrama. Zerka T. Moreno, Co-Founder of Psychodrama, Charlottesville, VA, USA. 2. The Similarities and Differences between Classical Psychodrama and The Therapeutic Spiral Model. Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP, Therapeutic Spiral International, LLC, Charlottesville, VA and Francesca Toscani, M.Ed., TEP, Charlottesville, VA, USA. 3. The Evolution of the Therapeutic Spiral Model. Francesca Toscani, M.Ed., TEP, Charlottesville, VA and Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP, Therapeutic Spiral International, LLC, USA. Section II: Theoretical Foundations and Research of the Therapeutic Spiral Model. 4. A Neuroscience Perspective on Trauma and Action Methods. Edward Hug, MSW, CP, Boston, MA, USA. 5. Anchoring The Therapeutic Spiral Model into Research on Experiential Psychotherapy. Leslie S. Greenberg, Ph.D., Professor, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 6. Learning to be on the Action Healing Team in the Therapeutic Spiral Model: A Research Experience in Taiwan. Cho Wen Chun, Ph.D., Professor, National Kaoshiung Normal University, Kaoshiung, Taiwan, R.O.C. 7. The Therapeutic Alliance between the Protagonist and Auxiliaries. Charmaine McVea, Ph.D., Private Practice, Brisbane, Australia. Section III: Original Clinical Applications of the Therapeutic Spiral Model. 8. Healing Your Body: The Therapeutic Spiral Model with Eating Disorders. Colleen Baratka, MA, RDT, TEP, Catharsis Institute and Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 9. Learning to Remember: Applications of the Therapeutic Spiral with Addictions. Mary Ann (Mimi) Hughes Cox, LCSW, TEP, Private Practice, Richmond, VA, USA. 10. Psychodrama and the Therapeutic Spiral Model in Individual Therapy. Karen Drucker, Psy.D., TEP, Private Practice, Adjunct Faculty, Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO, USA. Section IV: New Clinical Applications of the Therapeutic Spiral Model. 11. A Workshop Using the Therapeutic Spiral Model and Art Therapy with Mothers and Children Affected by Domestic Violence in Taiwan. Nien-Hwa Lai, Ph.D., TEP, Associate Professor, National Taipei University of Education, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 12. Seeing the Wizard: The Therapeutic Spiral Model to Work with Traumatized Families. Chip Chimera, Dip PP, Dip AMS, CQSW, Dip ASS. Director of Children's Center, Family Therapy Institute, London, England, UK. 13. Therapeutic Spiral Model Perspective from South Africa—The Rainbow Nation. Viyan Alers, Ph.D., Director of Acting Thru Themleize ( NGO), Johannesburg, South Africa. Section V: The Therapeutic Spiral Model with Men. 14. The Application of the Therapeutic Spiral Model at The Men and Healing Project. Roy Salole, MBBS, DMJ (Clin.), CTA (ITAA), Monica Forst, M.Ed., ICADC, & Rick Goodwin, MSW, RSW, The Men and Healing Project, Ottawa, Canada. 15. Footsteps on the Moon: Using Therapeutic Spiral Model Concepts with Offenders Who Have Unresolved Trauma. Clark Baim, Dip PP, Senior Trainer, Birmingham Psychodrama Training Center, Birmingham, UK. 16. Two Programs: The Therapeutic Spiral Model in Domestic Violence Work with Perpetrators and Survivors. Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP, Private Practice, Racine, WI and Kevin Fullin, M.D., Private Practice, Kenosha, WI, USA. Afterword. References. Index.

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