Inner Dialogue In Daily Life: Contemporary Approaches to Personal and Pr


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Author: Charles Eigen
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Acknowledgements. Introduction. Charles Eigen, psychotherapist and bodywork/movement practitioner, Milwaukee,WI, USA. 1. C.G. Jung: Inner Dialogue and the Psychology of Carl Jung. Harvey Honig, Ph.D., therapist, Madison, WI, USA. 3 Eugene Gendlin: River of Knowing; A Journey with Focusing. Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D., certified focusing professional, Watertown, MA, USA. 3. Amy Mindell: Inner Work at the Edge of the Unus Mundus: A Process-Oriented Approach to Conflict Facilitation. Joe Goodbread, Ph.D., Process-Work Institute, Portland, OR, USA. 4. Roberto Assagioli: The Inner Voice of Obsession: Listening and Responding. Richard Schaub, Ph.D., Co-Director, New York Psychosynthesis Institute and the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center, USA. 5. Fredrick and Laura Perls: An Introduction to Gestalt Therapy and Theory and Practice. Susan Gregory, Gestalt therapist, New York, USA. 6. Ira Progoff: Journal of Transformation: My Living Relationship with Ira Progoff's Intensive Journal Method. Carolyn Kelley Williams, Certified Journal Consultant for the Progoff Intensive Journal® program. 7. Richard C. Schwartz: The Family Within. Susan McConnell, senior trainer, Center for Self Leadership, USA. 8. Hal and Sidra Stone: In My Father's Garden. J. Tamar Stone, psychotherapist, consultant, and Senior Voice Dialogue facilitator, USA. 9. Ron Kurtz: Hakomi in My Life. Donna Martin, therapist and international trainer, USA. 10. Emilie Conrad: Continuum at the Edge. Elizabeth Amber Gray, Director, Restorative Resources Training and Consultancy, USA. List of Contributors. Index.

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