Shakespeare Comes to Broadmoor: The Actors are Come Hither: The Performa

nce of Tragedy in a Secure Psychiatric Hospital


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Murray Cox
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Foreword by Sir Ian McKellen. Acknowledgements. The Friends of Broadmoor Hospital. Horizons of Possibility and Ethical Boundaries. Prologue: 'How these things came about', Murray Cox. 1. Dramatis Personae. Introduction. The Audience: Broadmoor Patients and Staff, Trevor Walt. 1.2 and 3. Actors and Directors. The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal National Theatre, Wilde Community Theatre Company. Honesty, Body Language and 'a different discomfort', Murray Cox. 1.2.1. Hamlet and Romeo, Mark Rylance, interviews by Rob Ferris. 1.2.2. Juliet, Georgia Slowe, interviewed by Ann Barker. 1.2.2. King Lear, Brian Cox, interviewed by Rob Ferris. 1.2.4. From Gertrude to Regan, Clare Higgins, interviewed by Ann Barker. 1.2.5. A Letter from Claudius (Peter Wight). 1.2.4. A Letter from Ophelia (Rebecca Saire). 1.3.1. Ron Daniels, director of Hamlet, interviewed by Rob Ferris. 1.3.2. Deborah Warner, director of King Lear, interviewed by Ann Barker. 1.3.3. Dominic Barber, director of Measure for Measure, interviewed by Rob Ferris. 2. Stage Directions. Introduction, Murray Cox. 2.1. The Setting: Broadmoor Hospital, Harvey Gordon. 2.2. The Set and Stage Management, Ian Bayne. 'Untoward Events' and Discovery Spaces, Murray Cox. 3. 'This Tempest in my Mind': A Collage of Comment. Introduction, Murray Cox. This Tempest in my mind, Murray Cox. 4. Wider Horizons. Introduction, Murray Cox. 4.1. Performance and Projective Possibilities, Alice Theilgaard. 4.2. Drama in Custodial Settings. Introduction, Murray Cox. 4.2.i. Greek Drama in Custodial Settings, Oliver Taplin. 4.2.2. That Secret Voice, Cicely Berry. 4.2.3. Psychodrama with Forensic Patients: A Cautious Exploration, Eva Roine. 4.2.4. Creating a Character in a Locked Facility, Melinda Meyer. 4.2.5. Dramatic Improvisation, Saul Hewish. 4.2.6. Awakening the Voice Inside: Dramatherapy and Theatre Initiatives in Prison, Jessica Saunders. Further Reflections, Murray Cox. 4.3. The Nature and Scope of Dramatherapy: Theatre of Healing, Sue Jennings. Epilogue: Reporting to the 'Yet Unknowing World', Murray Cox. Appendix A. Forensic Psychiatry and Forensic Psychotherapy. Appendix B. 'Shakespeare, Psychiatry and the Unconscious'. Bibliography. The Contributors. Cast Lists. Subject Index. Name Index. Quotations from Shakespeare's Plays.

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