Discovering the Self Through Drama and Movement: The Sesame Approach (PO


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By: Jenny Pearson
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Foreword. Introducing Sesame, Jenny Pearson. 1. Discovering the Self, Jenny Pearson. 2. Beginning with the Body, Di Cooper. 3. Working with Myth and Story, Pat Watts. 4. Jung and the Symbol: Resolution of Conflicting Opposites, Molly Tuby. 5. Why Oblique and Why Jung?, Kharis Dekker. 6. Drama as Therapy: Some Basic Principles, Graham Suter. 7. Marian Lindkvist and Movement with Touch, Jenny Pearson. 8. The Unique Voice that lives Inside us All, Frankie Armstrong. 9. Laban and the Language of Movement, Sam Thornton. 10. Dance as You've Never Danced Before! Susi Thornton. 11. Child Drama: the Peter Slade Connection, Jenny Pearson. 12. Ritual: Journeys of the Heart, James Roose-Evans. 13. Ritual in Sesame, Morag Deane. 14. Circus Skills and Commedia, Mitch Mitchelson. 15. The Drama Gave me Inner Freedom: in Wormwood Scrubs, Colin. 16. The Minotaur in Three Settings: Prison, Acute Psychiatry and with Elderly People in Hospital, Bernie Spivack. 17. Working with Symbol in the Mental Health Centre, Jo Syz. 18. The Shared Feeling: Sesame in Acute Psychiatry, Bernie Spivack. 19. Dramatherapy in Forensic Psychiatry, Rodger Winn. 20. To Act or Not to Act? In the Secure Unit, Alan. 21. Moving Through a Block in Psychotherapy, Mary Smail. 22. A Place Called Sesame: Dramatherapy with Disturbed Children, Jenny Pearson. 23. Children Without Words: Sesame in Romania, Barbara Goossens. 24. Poetry in Motion: Drama and Movement Therapy with People with Learning Disabilities, Jocelyne James. 25. Sharing the Space Inside: One-to-One Work with People with Profound Learning Disabilities, Mary Smail. 26. Baba Yaga and Vasalisa: Myth Work with Challenging Behaviour, Elizabeth Gall. 27. Beginning to Work with the Elderly, Alison Kelly and Chris Daniel. 28. Making the Present Come Alive, Merle Baars. 29. The Story of Roundabout: Creation of a Group Practice, Deborah Haythorne and Lynn Cedar. 30. Smoke and Mirrors, Priscilla Newman. Index.

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