Learning to Practise Social Work: International Approaches


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Mark Doel,Steven Shardlow
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Introduction. Educating social workers for practice: International themes, Mark Doel, School of Social Work, University of Central England, Birmingham and Steven M Shardlow, Department of Social Work Studies, University of Sheffield. 1. University-community partnerships: Practicum learning for community revitalization, Therese J. Dent and Alice Tourville, School of Social Work, Washington University, St Louis, United States of America. 2. Social work placements in police settings: A force for change, Kalindi S. Muzumdar, Mumbai, India. 3. Intergrating people and services: A practice and learning experience through field instruction, Anna Y L Leung, Heidi S K Hui and Frances Y S Ip, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong. 4. Learning opportunities and placements with assylum seekers, Dee Underhill with Claire Betteridge, Ben Harvey and Karen Patient, Cambridgeshire Social Services, England. 5. Student supervision in context: A model for external supervisors, Jane Maidment, Department of Social Inquiry, Deakin University, Australia and Pauline Woodward, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. 6. Student practice placements as gatekeepers to the profession, Sigrun Juliusdottir, Steinnun Hrafnsdottir and Bjarney Kristjansdottir, Department of Social Sciences, University of Iceland. 7. Becoming a social worker: Using student job descriptions in child care and family support placements, Nicoleta Neamtu, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with Silvia Ciodzd, Romanian Foundation for Child, Family and Community, Romania. 8. Practice teaching using the case record, Lesley Cooper, School of Social Administration and Social Work, Flinders University of South Australia and Paul Seartson, Mt Gambier. 9. Practice learning in hospital-based settings, Nigel Hall, School of Social Work, Kopje, Zimbabwe and Revdi Senzere, Department of Social Welfare, Chegutu, Zimbabwe. 10. Practice learning in the voluntary sector, Elaine King and Joyce Lishman, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and Rob Mackay, Department of Social Work, University of Dundee. 11. Culturally competent mental health services for Latinos: An examination of three settings, Kurt C Organista, Peter G Manoleas and Rafael Herrera, School of Social Welfare, University of California, United States of America. 12. Field instruction in university teaching hospitals, Marion Bogo and Judith Globerman, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, Canada, and Lorie Shekter-Wolfson, Ministry of Health, Ontario, Canada.

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