Essential Guide to the RCA for the MRCGP


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Author: Talha Sami
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Acknowledgements; Preface; About the authors PART I: Introduction to the Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA) 1 Introduction 2 What is the RCA? 2.1 Policies 2.2 Marking 2.3 New changes 2.4 Breaches 3 The differences between the RCA, the CSA and real-life consultations 3.1 The linear path of a consultation 3.2 Technology 3.3 Pre-consultation 3.4 Your communication style 3.5 The third wheel 3.6 Multiple problems leading to multiple paths 3.7 Information-gathering routes 3.8 That golden minute 3.9 Time difference 4 Common pitfalls 4.1 Feedback by domain 4.2 Global feedback 4.3 Data gathering, technical and assessment skills 4.4 Interpersonal skills 4.5 Clinical management 4.6 Your pitfalls 5 Which cases to submit? (contributing author: Pernia Javid) 5.1 Is it appropriate? 5.2 Telephone, face-to-face or video? 5.3 Domains 5.4 Clinical topics 5.5 Appropriate challenge cases 5.6 The workbook 5.7 Your logbook 6 Preparing for and booking the RCA 6.1 Identifying your weaknesses 6.2 When to sit the exam? 6.3 Teamwork 6.4 The triage system 6.5 Recording 6.6 A preparatory checklist 6.7 Booking the RCA 6.8 Using the FourteenFish system 6.9 Planning how to get ready for the RCA checklist PART II: How to record for the RCA 7 Consent (contributing author: Abraham Thomas) 7.1 How can you obtain consent? 7.2 How FourteenFish records consent 7.3 Showing consent for a recording made outside of FourteenFish 7.4 How will the recordings be stored? 8 How to set up the technology 8.1 Signal and internet 8.2 What you need to know before recording 8.3 What you need for a telephone consultation 8.4 What you need for a video consultation 8.5 What you need for a face-to-face video consultation 8.6 Uploading from outside the FourteenFish platform 8.7 Deleting the file 8.8 How to record checklist PART III: The consultation 9 Pre-consultation (contributing author: Rakin Anwar) 9.1 Everyday routine 9.2 Images 9.3 Patient research 10 Interpersonal skills (contributing author: Rohan Lakhani) 10.1 How do you act? 10.2 Covid-specific communication challenges 11 Data gathering (contributing author: Rakin Anwar) 11.1 Introduction for a telephone/video consultation 11.2 Introduction for a face-to-face recording 11.3 Structured history 11.4 Special circumstances 11.5 General examination 11.6 Examination when remote consulting 12 Clinical management (contributing author: Rakin Anwar) 12.1 How to explain the management plan 12.2 Making it patient-centred 12.3 Logistics 12.4 Prescribing 12.5 Health promotion 12.6 Safety-netting 12.7 Consenting again PART IV: The final steps to submit for the RCA 13 The workbook 13.1 Workbook examples 13.2 Mandatory criteria 14 The final steps to submit through FourteenFish (contributing author: Abraham Thomas) 14.1 Verification of cases by your trainer 14.2 Checking the final 13 cases 14.3 The final submission

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