The Power and the Grace

A Professional's Guide to Ease and Efficiency in Functional Movement


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Joanne Elphinston
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International movement expert Joanne Elphinston is a high performance consultant for professional dancers, musicians and elite athletes at Olympic level; a consultant physiotherapist specializing in chronic and persistent neuromusculoskeletal conditions; a former coach and fitness instructor and the author of several popular books in the field of movement. Joanne has been teaching her unique JEMS (R) approach for over twenty years, training rehabilitation, health and fitness professionals around the world to explore, inspire and optimize movement in people of all ages and walks of life. Her work is the subject of current research into management for hypermobility related pain, falls prevention, stroke rehabilitation and sports performance, and her programs are used in such diverse fields as child development, chronic pain management, and athletic training. Joanne has a passion for communicating complex concepts in simple, elegant ways that bridge the gap between professionals and their clients, allowing them to work holistically yet functionally, supported by science, and balancing knowledge with skill and humanity.
Introduction Chapter 1 The movement kaleidoscope Chapter 2 Moving the brain Chapter 3 Dancing with Forces Chapter 4 Myofascial magic Chapter 5 Vibrant self carriage Chapter 6 Locks and keys Chapter 7 The living spine Chapter 8 Control through ease Chapter 9 Base notes Chapter 10 Ups and downs: mastering the vertical Chapter 11 A leg to stand on Chapter 12 Elegant, effective gait Chapter 13 A shoulder to lean on Chapter 14 Winning our wings Chapter 15 Speaking the brain's language Chapter 16 Reflections

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