Building Wellbeing and Resilience

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Rob Long
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Series Preface; About the Author; Author's Preface; How to Use This Book Part 1: Introduction 1. What are wellbeing and resilience?; 2. Wellbeing in context; 3. Wellbeing and development; 4. Issues, evidence and definitions; Ten key things to know about wellbeing and resilience Part 2: The science of wellbeing 5. Evidence-based practice; 6. Measuring wellbeing; 7. Wellbeing and positive psychology; 8. How can positive psychology improve wellbeing?; 9. Signature strengths Part 3: Wellbeing and development 10. Child and adolescent development; 11. Wellbeing and physical development; 12. Wellbeing and emotional development; 13. Wellbeing and cognitive development; 14. Adolescence and social development Part 4: Wellbeing at home and in school 15. Wellbeing and the family; 16. Wellbeing in school; 17. Wellbeing in the classroom; 18. Behaviour and school policies; 19. School transitions and wellbeing Part 5: Resilience and mental health 20. Wellbeing for troubled children; 21. Understanding resilience; 22. What can be done to increase resilience?; 23. Building the skills for school success Part 6: Complex difficulties and disadvantage 24. Children with complex difficulties; 25. The disability paradox; 26. Abilities and capabilities; 27. Poverty Part 7: Conclusion and resources 29. Summary; 30. Advice for parents and carers; 31. Advice for teachers; Appendices
ROB LONG is a Chartered Psychologist who provides independent training to teachers and other professionals. He has previously lectured in Psychology and Sociology and worked as an Educational Psychologist for Wolverhampton and Devon Education Authorities. During this time he managed a Behaviour Support Team and supported schools in reviewing their behaviour management policies and practice. Rob's main interest is supporting children who face emotional and behavioural difficulties. He is committed to developing an understanding of these children through training and project work, and to providing solutions and practical help to school staff involved with them. He teaches on a distance learning course in Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues run by Oxford Brookes University and the Social, Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties Association (SEBDA). He is also an active member of SEBDA.

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