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Natasha de Grunwald
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Natasha de Grunwald first studied Thai Massage in 1990 in Thailand and has returned there to continue her studies more than 16 times since. She has travelled extensively, learning from teachers across the globe from New Zealand to New York to Serbia. Her pursuit for knowledge has led her to the Burmese borders to research with village midwives, to training with a Reusi (the Thai equivalent of a Shaman) and into a cadaver lab many times. Having had a busy private practice since 1990, and having worked at Great Ormond Street hospital at the very beginning of her career, throwing herself in at the deep end through massaging women whose young children were dying from AIDS, Natasha has always been a practitioner with great insight and a passion to transform lives through touch. In 2005 she opened London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage with a commitment to raising the standards and putting Thai bodywork on the map as a reputable physical therapy. She has since trained thousands of people from around the world and continues to do so offering the UK's only 300-hour programme and as the only UK teacher of therapeutic Thai massage and bodywork.
About the Author/Foreword by Gil Hedley/Preface/ Acknowledgements/Introduction Part 1 THE EXPERIENCE Chapter 1 The Somatic Experience Chapter 2 Proprioception, Interoception, and Touch Perception Part 2 THE BODY Chapter 3 The Body, Nature, and Thai Anatomy Chapter 4 Bodywork for the Element Types Chapter 5 Core Element Constitution Chapter 6 Physical Manifestations of Elements Chapter 7 Dissection and Thai Anatomy Chapter 8 The Five Textural Layers Chapter 9 Thai Medicine: The Five Roots Chapter 10 Sen and Channels Chapter 11 The Causes of Imbalance Chapter 12 Love Your Guts Chapter 13 Disease Through the Layers Chapter 14 Stretching and Movement Chapter 15 Herbs, Compresses, and Infusions Chapter 16 Energy, Life Force, Kwan, and Death Part 3 THE PRACTICE Chapter 17 The Art of Consultation Chapter 18 How to Touch: A Therapeutic Approach Chapter 19 Body Mechanics Chapter 20 Physical Therapy Toolkit Chapter 21 Putting It All Together Chapter 22 Treatment Protocols Chapter 23 The Therapeutic Pause Chapter 24 Women's Health Care, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Chapter 25 Traditional Self-care for Practitioners Glossary References Resources Permissions Index

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