Zero Balancing

Conscious touch and transformation


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James McCormick
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Foreword by Fritz Frederick Smith Foreword by James L Oschmann Preface/Acknowledgments/About the Author/Glossary/Introduction PART ONE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ZERO BALANCING Chapter 1: A skittish donkey Chapter 2: Structure and energy: Listening for the donkey Chapter 3: Foundation joints Chapter 4: The bones store our essence Chapter 5: Living in the moment Chapter 6: Working signs Chapter 7: Creating a frame Chapter 8: Living from your core self Chapter 9: Body felt sense Chapter 10: Altered states of consciousness Chapter 11: Verbal fulcrums PART TWO HEALING PRINCIPLES Chapter 12: Amplify the wellness Chapter 13: Caring, compassion and containment Chapter 14: Boundaries Chapter 15: Feeling stuck Chapter 16: Overcoming abandonment Chapter 17: Dealing with anger Chapter 18: Resistance Chapter 19: Anxiety and depression Chapter 20: Trauma and zero balancing PART THREE BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT Chapter 21: Unifying body, mind, and spirit PART FOUR TRANSFORMATION Chapter 22: Zero Balancing and the power of transformation PART FIVE RESEARCH ON ZERO BALANCING Chapter 23: Research on zero balancing Bibliography Permissions Index
Jim McCormick LAC met Zero Balancing's founder, Dr Fritz Smith, while studying Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with Dr J. R. Worsley at Kenilworth, UK, in the fall of 1972. He began his Zero Balancing training in 1974 and in 1979 became the first teacher of ZB after Dr Smith. He is currently on the Faculty of the Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA) in the USA. Jim teaches Zero Balancing to students around the world, including in Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria and Finland, as well as in The UK and the USA. He is president of the non-profit Zero Balancing Touch Foundation. He is co-president of Cambridge Health Associates, a holistic health center in Massachusetts, USA, where he practices Zero Balancing and traditional acupuncture. Jim McCormick has woven his 50 years of experience in alternative medicine into this book in which he explains the unique principles behind Zero Balancing and illustrates them with detailed case histories. Jim is known for creating a caring and creative environment, where participants feel safe to be their full selves, while exploring new ideas and skills. He presents information clearly, warmly and with good humor and joy.

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