Clinical Pediatric Neurology H/C 3/e

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Author: Ronald David
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Pediatric Neurologic Evaluation: Neurologic History; The Neurologic Examination of the Preterm and Fullterm Neonate and of the Infant; The Neurologic Examination of the Young Child; The Neurologic Examination of the School-Age and Adolescent Child; The Electroencephalogram, Electrodiagnostic Evaluation of Pediatric Neuromuscular Disease; Clinical Evaluation with Evoked Responses; Neuroimaging Techniques. General Pediatric Neurologic Diseases and Disorders: Toxic and Metabolic Encephalopathies; Traumatic Encephalopathies; The Epilepsies; Movement Disorders in Childhood; Infections of the Central Nervous System; Vascular Disease in Infants and Children; Inborn Errors of Metabolism I: Neurologic Degenerative Diseases; Inborn Errors of Metabolism II: Disorders of Purine and Amino Acid Metabolism; Neoplastic Diseases; Neuromuscular Disease in Children; Order of Nervous System Development; Disorders of Nervous System Development; Disorders of Motor Execution I: Cerebral Palsy; Disorders of Motor Execution II: Higher-Order Motor Deficits; Disorders of Cognitive Function in the Preschooler; Learning Disabilities. Common Pediatric Neurologic Problems: Coma and Other States of Altered Awareness in Children; Headaches; Febrile Seizures; The Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Sleep Disorders. Appendix: A Proposed Approach to Nosology. Bibliography. Index.

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